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Why EMS?

Why EMS?

Energy Savings – Improve your bottom line

Today, energy is the second highest cost for the hospitality industry. Most of this cost is wasted keeping guestrooms A/C at full speed, even though the guest is not in the room formost of the day. An intelligent Energy Management Solution will allow you to increase the efficiency of your A/C system and therefore dramatically reduce your energy bill and improve your bottom line.

Ensure Guest Comfort

Reducing energy cost should not compromise your guests´ comfort. You can't allow guests to find their rooms either too warm or too cold when they return. By completely switching off all in-room electricity, hoteliers will increase savings but can also compromise your guests´ comfort. An intelligent Energy Management Solution will take control of the room temperature when the rooms are not occupied, never allow to be either too warm or too cold. As soon as guests return to their rooms, the system automatically returns to the guest temperature settings.

Improve Your Green Initiatives – Contribution to reduce global warming impact

Environmentally friendly initiatives are becoming a critical factor in the hospitality industry. These concerns are felt by guests and hotels. Guests expect to find environmental actions within the hotel in order to help reduce global warming: from re-using towels to water consumption and finally recycling plastic keycards. Optimizing the use of A/C systems in your hotel dramatically reduces overall energy spending and helps you better position your property as environmentally-friendly.

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