Always the first name in hospitality security

Why Elsafe?

Peace of mind when your guests are away from home

Electronic in-room safes contribute to raising the security level in your hotel, increasing your guests’ peace of mind.

Why Elsafe In-room Safes?

Not all in-room safes are equal!
Only Elsafe offers a true in-room security solution with a sophisticated blend of advanced security features, technology, convenience and style.

Security - UL Listed

We took our in-room safes to the world’s most recognized and respected product testing organization. After enduring rigorous testing procedures by Underwriters Laboratories, Infinity by Elsafe became the first UL-listed
in-room safe in the 1037 category for anti-theft devices. This prestigious UL listing is now awarded to both the Infinity and Sentinel models, including physical break-in tests, endurance tests and jarring tests.

How does UL-listing benefit you?

The exclusive UL-1037 listing achieved by Elsafe’s in-room safes gives you added assurance that your guests’ valuables are receiving the maximum level of protection possible. Not only does this protect your guests’ property, it also protects your property’s valuable reputation. With Elsafe, your guests can rest easy... and so
can you!

Reliable electronics and ready for future software upgrades

• Elsafe in-rooms safes have Flash memory.
• Elsafe in-room safes are ready for future software upgrades. FLASH memory = no codes or information are lost from the safe even if the batteries are empty or if you break the power during battery replacement.

Benefits of a fully-featured Audit Trail

Knowing the exact time that a safe was opened and the identity of the user is a valuable tool in the event that a guest reports that something was stolen.
Elsafe provides the industry’s most complete and detailed audit trail reporting solution identifying all safe operations executed. Reports can be printed out in the guestroom with the guest present to prevent claims of tampering.

Additional Exclusive Security

Elsafe's revolutionary locking system best resists forcible entry. Specially-designed latch teeth engage both the door and frame if there is any attempt to force the door open. Anti –tamper labyrinths protect our safes electronics from manipulation Ingenious design avoids reaching electronics and the safe’s mechanism with even the slenderest of probes. One piece cold pressed door is over 70 % stronger than sheet steel.
Infinity II and SENTINEL's II curved door profile and integral dished front  are cold pressed in our own factory, making it by far the strongest and most secure door in its class! Extended solid steel bolt hinges are secure and ultra reliable. The over-sized solid steel hinges are arc-welded permanently to the door, so they are virtually impossible to force out from the door frame.

Ease of maintenance

Easy battery change
Elsafe helps improving day-to-day operations at the property. Battery change can be securely
done from the outside, also when safe is in use by guest and locked, saving time and resources
for the hotel.

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