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VISIONLINE, the ideal locking solution for the most demanding properties.

VISIONLINE by VingCard offers the ideal solution for the most demanding properties. VISIONLINE by VingCard provides total flexibility and efficiency in hotel operations. VISIONLINE is much more than “just” electronic locks through its wireless online features. Standalone electronic locks operating in online mode based Zigbee high security open platform (Radio Frequency (RF-online) providing you with:

More Security and Control

  • Remote guest card cancellation: Guest cards can be immediately cancelled without walking to the lock to reprogram it or encode a new card.
  • Remote master card cancellation: Master cards can be immediately cancelled without walking to reprogram all the electronic locks.
  • Wandering intruder report/alarm: Keycards can be automatically cancelled if someone is randomly using them in different locks.
  • Door ajar alert: A message is sent to server that a door is not e.g. closed properly.

More Services to your Guests

  • Extended stay without visiting reception: Guests can be extended access to their rooms automatically from reception, to avoid guests having to come to reception to re-encode the keycard.
  • Remote “change my room” function: Guest can automatically be assigned a different room from reception, without needing to come to reception to re encode the keycard.

More Efficient and Cost Effective Hotel Operations

  • Online passage mode activation: Locks can be remotely configured in passage mode from VISIONLINE server.
  • Live tracking of card users: You can follow up individual keycard tracking throughout the property (where the card owner has been).

More Efficient Front Desk Operations

  • Auto check-out of guests: Guest keycards will not work once checked-out (instead of working until standard check-out time).
  • Block cards per user and per section: You can remotely block keycards the access to specific areas without walking to reprogram the locks.

More Efficient Engineering and Maintenance

  • Remote audit trail: You can download locks’ audit trail remotely from the VISIONLINE server without walking to the locks to download it.
  • Remote low battery status: You can remotely identify the locks  that have low battery, instead of walking to each lock to check it.
  • Insert maintenance report cards: By maid inserting maintenance report cards into the lock, it will remotely inform VISIONLINE reception that room needs maintenance.
  • Auto SMS/e-mail alert option: Lock actions may be sent to person in charge automatically.
  • The floor and area network is fully off-line operational in case of network breakdown.


... And Less hassle ...





  • Remote guest card cancellation
  • Remote master card cancellation
  • Wandering intruder report/alarm
  • Door ajar alert
  • Extended stay without visiting reception
  • Remote “change my room” function
  • Online passage mode activation
  • Live tracking of card users
  • Auto check-out of guests
  • Block cards per user and per section
  • Remote audit trail
  • Remote low battery status
  • Insert maintenance report cards
  • Auto SMS/e-mail alert option
  • ... and many more
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