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Signature RFID
Signature RFID
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Signature RFID
Signature RFID
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Your VingCard Signature (RFID)… Unique and personal. An identifying characteristic that sets you apart from everyone else.

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) unlocks today the future technology in electronic locking systems for hotels.

Signature RFID electronic locks by VingCard offers the latest Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology with the most flexible platform for future applications.


  • More Guest Satisfaction: Unmatched ease of use for guest of all ages. No need to insert the keycard, more intuitive.
  • More Security: Anti-cloning technology for all guest and staff cards. Mag-stripe keycards can be cloned. Signature RFID allows powerful anti-cloning solution.
  • More Adaptability: RFID carriers adapt to any hotel style: Business, Resort, Spa, All-inclusive....
  • More Selection: Provides access today to next generation technologies, including NFC-cell phone
  • And Less guess-work out of selecting the right technology standard for your RFID electronic lock. Signature RFID offers you 4 technology standards in 1 electronic lock: ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE), ISO 14.443 B, ISO 15.693 and NFC-compatible





    • High security lockset with a full 1-inch steel deadbolt, 3/4-inch anti-pick latch for added strength and 2 piece anti-friction latch.
    • High quality steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles.
    • Self lubrication long life bearings tested to withstand more than one million openings without visible sign of wear.
    • Full mortise ANSI and EURO lock case options.
    • Modular components for flexibility and easy maintenance.
    • "Panic release" - deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle.
    • 3-hour UL fire listed.
    • Powerful "Flash" Memory Technology allows the lock to be easily reprogrammed and upgraded on site without replacing expensive hardware or components.
    • 600 event audit trail stored in the lock.
    • Sealed electronics located on the inside of the door, enhance security and durability.
    • Automatic deadbolt option (ANSI version only).
    • Unique emergency Recodable Cylinder option for mechanical override.
    • Standard AA-battery-operated, stand-alone locks require no wiring.
    • Simple, reliable magnetic stripe card reader. Keycards read during removal, for maximum performance.
    • Flexible operation allows a selection of magnetic stripe only or a combination magnetic stripe/smart card reader. The reader can also process less expensive memory chip cards and/or more advanced processor cards.


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